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" If  you  ever  doubt  magic's  existence,

      just  walk  into  a  theater."

                                                - Julian Cardenas

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RAY ENTERTAINMENT THEATRICAL's mission is to create powerful theater experiences for audiences of all ages.

Nothing compares to sitting in a theater with other people laughing, crying and sharing a multitude of emotions as you embark on a journey experiencing the extraordinary “magic” that live theater is!

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The Best


The Guest!





Our number one priority is our guest’s experience!

RAY ENTERTAINMENT THEATRICAL is dedicated to providing our audiences with the most memorable and powerful evening of theater possible. We believe that the guest’s experience begins before they ever enter the theater, so we are always looking for better ways to meet every need and aspect of the occasion. We strive to offer our guests first-class productions of the highest quality at affordable prices...giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy great theater.

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RAY ENTERTAINMENT THEATRICAL was founded in January 2018 by Steve Ray, Jutta Elenz and Jost Salzmann.

Although it is a relatively new company it’s core team of creatives, artists and craftsmen have more than 25 years experience, not only in the creative areas, but also proficient management and producing know-how and expertise. 

The goal of the company is to develop and produce original musicals, shows and plays as well as re-imagined revivals of existing material. The productions are intended both for the German-speaking market, as well as the international scene.

RAY ENTERTAINMENT THEATRICAL is committed to providing an international haven for artists, designers and diverse creative talent of all kind providing the most ideal environment for creating powerful theater.



Steve Ray

Creative Director

Jutta Elenz

Artistic Director

Jost Salzmann

Managing Director

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The realization of RAY ENTERTAINMENT THEATRICAL's production planning requires the highest level of professionalism and the optimal use of all available economic and technical resources. The foundation for this has been laid.

For the short and medium term implementation of productions for which performance rights already exist, we are open to economically strong partners who want to get involved in real estate project development and/or consider the conversion or new use of an existing property (e.g. former cinema, disused production hall, auditoriums, trade fair or congress buildings). Our national and international network provides long-term planning security with

RAY ENTERTAINMENT THEATRICAL as an anchor tenant (minimum 10 years).

We will also be happy to talk to you about the upcoming sponsoring opportunities for the culture brand RET, which is currently in development. Become part of the realization of a big idea and use our offer of cooperation for the integration of your brand message.

With RAY ENTERTAINMENT THEATRICAL you take your target group where they are most happy: In the theatre!

Hardy Homann

Executive Producer

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We at RAY ENTERTAINMENT THEATRICAL have set ourselves the goal of sharing the success of our productions and supporting charitable projects.

We want to give back, not only by drawing attention to the respective organizations, but also by supporting them financially, be it through specially organized charity events, regular fundraisers

or a part of the proceeds from sold merchandise items.

We want to help where help is needed, from individuals or families who need urgent help to organizations and foundations whose work helps to improve the world and the lives of its people.

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For each new production, a creative team is assembled that perfectly meet the specific requirements of the piece. It is very important to us that everyone involved is not only an expert in their field, but also share our love and passion for creating powerful theater. 


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We will focus on the development and creation of original theater content. In addition, we also plan new productions of award-winning musical successes from Broadway that have rarely or never been seen in Germany before. We are currently in different phases of the development process for many upcoming projects.



The first two planned musical productions of RAY ENTERTAINMENT THEATRICAL are currently in the pre-production phase.

The premiere dates will be announced here as soon as possible.


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Ticketalarm & Exklusive Updates

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Audition dates for the first two productions of RAY ENTERTAINMENT THEATRICAL will be announced here soon.

To stay informed about the current status please visit us regularly.

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Thank you very much for your interest in working with us.

Currently there are no positions available.

In order to stay informed about the current status please visit us regularly for more information.

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Ticketalarm & Exklusive Updates

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